There are many good Trincomalee hotels . So we selected the Best 05 for you.

Amaranthine Bay – trincomalee hotels

As a sentinel of luxury in the beautiful scenery of soothing sunrises and surreal sunsets, “Amaranthe Bay” is perched at the edge of the slowly meandering Pillaikulam Aru. Breezes caress that sweep across the river’s still waters, serenaded by birdcall and the swishing of oars, and bathed in a glow that only paradise can provide. It’s called “Amaranthe Bay.

With the team Amaranthe, that was an incredible experience. We are happy that this place enhances and memorializes our priceless moments. The best customer service makes us feel at home—a massive variety of delicious food options. We appreciate you sharing in our happiest times!

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon is one of best trincomalee hotels

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, a resort from the 1970s, has been renovated into a retro-chic space with denim accents, rattan furniture, cut cement floors, and bleached wooden decks to contrast the blue and white colors.

A large hotel. Simple but with a lot of room. A quick check-in. We chose a suite. It was alright, with the space being the main advantage. Reasonably clean. The pool is good. No gym. Beach is OK, but swimming is not allowed. However, I enjoyed the activity at the beach; for instance, we watched the fishermen bring in their nets.

Incredibly intriguing, Good but lukewarm food. With music playing and fans blowing, the restaurant area is the boisterous—pleasant but ineffective staff. The Commonwealth War Cemetery is only 0.5 kilometers away from this hotel. Very much worth a trip.

Overall, this is Sri Lanka’s least developed region at its best. Because I enjoy the Cinnamon brand, I would come back for a quick visit.

Jakab Park Hotel – trincomalee hotels

Discover why many visitors choose Jkab Park Hotel as their go-to small hotel in Trincomalee. It offers a charming setting with various amenities created for travelers like you, offering the perfect balance of value, comfort, and convenience.

Air conditioning in the rooms at the Jkab Park Hotel offers the best comfort and convenience, and free wifi is available for visitors.

Making your stay even more memorable is a pool and a restaurant on-site. There is free parking close to Jkab Park Hotel for those arriving by car.

Jakab Park Hotel is an excellent place for tourists because it’s close to some of Trincomalee’s most well-known attractions, including Trincomalee War Cemetery (1.5 mi) and Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Kovil (1.5 mi).

Jakab Park Hotel is conveniently situated close to Fernando’s Beach Bar, Rice ‘n’ Curry, and Restaurant Tuna if you enjoy seafood restaurants.

Velgam Vehera, a well-known architectural structure in Trincomalee, is nearby the Jkab Park Hotel. We are confident that you will enjoy your time at the Jkab Park Hotel as you explore everything Trincomalee offers.

trincomalee hotels
Trinco Blu by Cinnamon is one of best trincomalee hotels

Pear Oceanic Hotel – trincomalee hotels

This brand-new hotel is located in Trincomalee with a view of the Indian Ocean. Two rooms in each villa have A/C, hot water, cable TV, etc. The area is a haven for nature, with peacocks and other colorful birds strutting about. The unspoiled beach and turquoise coast will make for a fantastic beach vacation.

The hotel is situated on a small islet of vegetation with coconut trees in the village of Sampaltheevu. The atmosphere is serene and restful. All staff members are friendly, attentive, committed, and competent. Only four bungalows, each with two bedrooms, are available.

Every room has a private terrace with an ocean view and easy access.

The rooms were modestly decorated. Substantial Volumes. Air conditioning was the best feature. The bathroom, linens, and towels were all spotless. Walk-in showers were provided in the restrooms.

The chef quickly adapted vegetarian menus. The portions at breakfast and dinner are huge. Breakfast options include continental and regional. Ordering meals in advance is required, which can both be a limitation and a benefit. A promise of “homemade and freshness” is made. Additionally, the chef can accommodate special requests thanks to this principle, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Bluewater Beach Resort – trincomalee hotels

You can enjoy a variety of activities at Bluewater Beach Resort. Please spend some time lounging around the hotel or even diving into our gorgeous pool. I can assure you that your stay will be enjoyable, and you can watch the sunset from your private balcony. We stayed two nights and were very happy with this cozy, well-kept property.

When our initial reservation nearby fell through, the manager and staff were incredibly kind and accommodating, accommodating us at a great rate. They take pride in both the work they do and the property.

On-site, lovely, sizable, and warm pool. There are several good restaurants nearby, as well as being close to the beach. Just north of Trincomalee town, a great choice.

Above are the top 05 resorts where we stayed during our journey to Trinco. So consider the above when selecting a place to stay