Dambulla hotels

06 Amazing Dambulla hotels

Dambulla hotels were so interesting. On our journey to Dambulla, we found many details on places to stay. Some of them were our personal favorites due to previous experiences. So check the list for more fun. Amaya Lake Dambulla Discover a way of life characterized by tradition and the beauty of nature on the shores […]

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Yala Safaris

Best about Yala Safaris

It’s Yala Safaris Time! Yala is the most well-liked wildlife destination in Sri Lanka. It has the most incredible variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles in the nation, and elephants and leopards, two of its main species, are found in particularly dense populations. According to current estimates, there are about 70 leopards. Because they are […]

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Adam's Peak

Amazing hike to sacred Adam’s Peak

A sacred mountain called Adam’s Peak is in the middle of Sri Lanka. As there are many beliefs about this place, this place is worshiped by many people. Buddhists believe the footprint on the top of the mountain belongs to Lord Buddha. Hindus believe this belongs to Shiva, and according to Christians, it is Adam’s […]

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nuwara eliya hotels

10 Best Nuwara eliya hotels.

While traveling in Nuwara eliya, You may need to know about places to stay. So I listed 10 of them for your convenience.   The Grand Hotel – nuwara eliya hotels The Grand Hotel, an iconic Sri Lankan landmark in the high elms of Nuwara Eliya, also called “Little England” or “Switzerland of the East,” boasts […]

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10 Elegant Nuwara eliya bungalows

You can be in an elegant-looking bungalow in this Little England if you are a true Royal family lover. So here is a little listing as a guide for it.  Cheltenham Bungalow – Nuwara eliya bungalows No. 6 Haddon Hill Road, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka The “Chelthnam” is about 500 meters from Nuwara Eliya. […]

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