I have always been a fan of water and rivers. When I was young, my family used to go on a river safari and spend time in the middle of the river. This experience has opened up my eyes to nature and its beauty. I have never been so excited before visiting Madu River Safari as I am now! The river is full of life and color, with amazing views of wildlife. The trees are lush and green, while the water shines like a mirror in the sunlight.

I had a wonderful time at Madu River Safari with my family and friends who came for this trip. It was an unforgettable experience that filled us with joy and happiness. You want to know about more details about Madu River Safari? Let me explain.

Madu River and the Madu River Safari

Madu River is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is a river that flows from the hills of Kandy and joins with the Kala Wewa river in Bentota town. The water of the Madu river has crystal clear water and lots of fish such as catfish. It is located in the southern part of the country and is a natural border between Sri Lanka and India. Many tourist attractions are here, like Bentota beach, mangrove island, etc.

Madu River Safari is a world-famous attraction in Sri Lanka, organized by Madu River cruises. They provide different services for their customers, like package tours, day tours, etc.

The main objective of this trip is to explore the beauty and scenic view of the Madu River, one of the famous rivers in Sri Lanka and has received much attention from tourists around the world because of its rich natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. Still, we have maintained high standards in terms of quality service delivery through our professional team members. They will serve you well while making sure that no matter how many times you come back again – your experience will never get boring!

Madu river cruises are one of the best places in Sri Lanka. They are the tour operators that provides luxury cruises on the waters of Sri Lanka with experienced team members who know the best places to go while traveling with you! There are plenty of attractions around the Madu river safari, including tea plantation, bird watching, and much more. There is 24×7 ride on a speedboat from Colombo port or Unawatuna pier (depending on the season)

A luxury cruise with breakfast, lunch, dinner & Champagne reception upon arrival at Unawatuna pier – USD 1690 per person based on double occupancy rates inclusive of tax and excludes surcharges such as airport transfers, etc.

The primary cruise is a village and mangrove safari.

Madu River Safaris provide different services for their customers. They offer basic or village and mangrove safari, which are very popular among tourists. Madu River Cruises organize this tour according to their customers’ requirement, providing different types of cruises like fishing trips, nature walks & birdwatching, etc. Mangrove safari covers three tiny islands with a rich ecosystem.

Mangrove Safari is a three-island tour that takes you to see the river and the islands. The time is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature at its best while also having fun by taking photos. The tour starts from Cessna Beach Resort, where you can relax in our beach hut and have breakfast before starting your journey on board one of our motorboats.

Madu River Safari

Village tour cover village lifestyle and culture.

The village tour is a short drive from the Madu river lodge, where you can start your day with an early morning walk through the forest to see elephants bathing in the river. After lunch, we drive up to our homestay in one of their villages, where you’ll be introduced to local life and customs during a traditional meal with singing and storytelling by your hosts. At night, they relax around campfires as they tell stories about their ancestors while playing traditional instruments like drums or cymbals.

You’ll also have time for swimming in nearby rivers before heading back down south by boat for another relaxing evening under the stars at the campfire, followed by breakfast before returning north again!

Once you arrive at Madu River Camp, they will guide you through the mangrove forest, which is rich in biodiversity due to its unique ecosystem structure. You will be able to see many types of birds like herons, egrets, and storks roosting in these trees along with other animals such as monkeys or crocodiles swimming nearby! If time allows us, they’ll even take advantage by giving you some insight into how animals live within these forests too! This gives us at least one hour before lunch (or dinner), so we can spend more time enjoying ourselves together and explaining what each animal eats, whether they are predators or scavengers, etc.

Bentota Beach is close to the madu river and its world-famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. The beautiful Bentota Beach is renowned for surfing, swimming, and diving. Bentota Beach has many hotels, villas & resorts that offer an unforgettable experience with all facilities included in your stay price, including private pools, restaurants (meals included), bars, etc.

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