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06 Amazing Dambulla hotels

Dambulla hotels were so interesting. On our journey to Dambulla, we found many details on places to stay. Some of them were our personal favorites due to previous experiences. So check the list for more fun.

Amaya Lake Dambulla

Discover a way of life characterized by tradition and the beauty of nature on the shores of the alluring Kandalama Lake.

Amaya Lake preserves the aura of the region’s historical treasures. She is tucked away among 40 acres of lush forest, giving the impression of traditional Sri Lankan charm and contemporary luxury.

The resort here is the perfect starting point for exploring nearby wonders like the ancient city of Anuradhapura and the Dambulla cave temples because it is situated in the center of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle.
We had a lovely day here. Overall, a friendly atmosphere. Among the top locations for bird watching. The staff is so friendly. Also, the food is good. The service is also excellent. The rooms are tidy and cozy as well.

Kalundewa Hotel

Located in the picturesque village of Kalundewa in the ancient city of Dambulla, it is just a 4-hour drive from Colombo. The reception area welcomes you as you enter through the entrance’s winding, narrow footpath, thanks to its strikingly open design, which was made possible by combining wood, steel, and glass.

Sit in the lounge and see the most scenic lake nestled cozily among a ring of mountains while listening to the soft musical bird songs. The lake and the wooden platform reaching out into the serene waters are in front of the reception. Kumbuk trees surround them.

Kalundewa Hotel

Jetwing Lake

Jetwing Lake, surrounded by history and untainted nature, combines modern, stylish design with a solid commitment to sustainability and the environment to serve all tourists interested in exploring the Cultural Triangle.

Jetwing Lake promises to be a fantastic discovery in and of itself—the undisputed resort location in the Cultural Triangle—with modern and contemporary rooms opening out to balconies or terraces that embrace the quiet solitude and views of Dambulla.

Liyya Water Villa

Liyya Water Villa is a distinctive, environmentally friendly property that harmoniously blends with the aquatic features of its surroundings. It is situated in the historic city of Dambulla, just 10 minute drive from the fabled Cave Temple.

The Villa, which has 40 individual chalets, is an opulent getaway from the city, surrounded by lush jungle surroundings and the sweet calls of birds.

Liyya Water Villa

Tropical Life Resort And Spa

This expansive resort with an on-site farm is a little outside the popular tourist destination of Dambulla. It makes you feel comfortable and at home. The setting is tranquil, spotless, and well-maintained.

The room was spotless, cozy, and furnished with all the contemporary amenities we expect from a five-star hotel, providing a free upgrade to a room with a view of me. The food was delicious and authentic. The swimming pool is clean, the water temperature was a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius, and regular pool maintenance was evident. A well-stocked bar with a good selection of South African and Chilean wines is also located close to the pool.

Tropical Life Resort And Spa

Heritance Kandalama

Heritance Kandalama has a shape similar to a bird’s spread wings and traces the contour of the cliff from which it appears to emerge. Even though the hotel is a staggering 1 km long and has seven floors, it looks like a natural extension of the mountainside.

The structure’s flat roof and wooden pillars support a screen of vegetation that draws nearby wildlife. Incredible, enormous sculptures inside the hotel go well with the abundance of actual animals outside. A stone cobra uncoils along the terrace overlooking the infinity pool, a metal owl hangs from the ceiling outside the main restaurant, and wooden elephants are in the lounge.

Heritance Kandalama

Now you can select where to stay after you visit this beautiful tourist city Dambulla. Visit Sri Lanka

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