As many say that Sri Lankan airlines offer excellent service even in economy class, we decided to travel to Singapore in Sri Lankan airlines economy class. As we all know, Sri Lankan airlines are Ceylon’s national sky carrier. This flies to many destinations like Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, North America, and even Africa.

According to historical records, this is the first airline in the Indian sub-continent that join Star Alliance. Also, it was the first airline in the Indian Sub-continent which succeed in providing in-flight WiFi.   

There is no doubt in selecting Sri Lankan Air Lines as your travel partner due to its dedicated service provided to maintain the position since 1998.   

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About the seats

The economy class seats on Sri Lankan Airlines have good legroom and a gap between the seats similar to those on Singapore Airlines or Qatar Airways. Though the seats are looks not that much attractive, they were comfortable. The seating was set up in a 3- 3- configuration.

 If you board the plane late, you will discover someone has already taken your seat. For this problem to be resolved, the cabin crew must step in when a situation arises. The cabin crew handles these difficult situations with outstanding professionalism and firmness. ( Perhaps, most airlines experience these problems).

So be sure not to get caught in trouble, and don’t let others be in trouble. Here are my suggestions:

  • To help make sure of a hassle-free flight, confirm your seat number with a cabin crew before you put your luggage down.
  • Make sure you get a luggage space in the cabin assigned to you above your seat. It is your right; if you do not get one, you can demand one.
  • Your hand-carry bag should always be in front of you so that you can keep an eye on it.
  • If you’re traveling in economy class, you’re entitled to a sizable 30 kg baggage allowance.

About the meals

Soon after takeoff, menu cards were delivered; this was undoubtedly a generous act of hospitality. The menu cards are straightforward and identical to those on Qatar Airways’ airways.

The cabin crew serves drinks first, followed by a delicious meal. Other beverages are available besides orange or apple juice.

About the cabin crew

You are greeted with genuine Sri Lankan hospitality as soon as you arrive at the airplane entrance door.

“Ayubowan,” which translates to “Have a long life,” is typically the greeting offered by two flight attendants as they place their hands together close to their hearts.

That is the Sri Lankan way of saying “welcome aboard.”

Sri Lankans naturally smile from birth. If you visit Sri Lanka, stroll down the street and count how many locals smile alongside you. The excellent, well-trained staff sincerely loves treating you with warmth and a smile, as if “YOU ARE THEIR WORLD.”

All Sri Lankan Airlines Economy Class female cabin crew wear the unique Osariya or Kandyan saree, which has an oriental attraction but is also significantly modern and contemporary. It is a traditional three-piece Sri Lankan saree with a frill at the waist. However, the Sri Lankan crew uniform is beautiful and endearing.

Plus points

My first impression is perfect. The following things made me impressed more about this airline.

  • Even with a heavy visitor number, luggage check-in was quick. It was really fast.
  • The boarding went smoothly.
  • The arrival and departure were on time.
  • Inside the aircraft, the aisles were big. The seats were comfortable. And the flight inside was clean.
  • A pillow, a blanket, and headphones were included in the “travel kit” for international flights, set up in your seat when you arrived.
  • The options for entertainment were fantastic. The individual passenger screen offers “a la carte” TV with a selection of films, television series, books, minigames, and world news. You can also view the remaining flight time and follow the route on a 3D map. The sad news is, during the flight, my screen stopped working. And in goods, the staff offered to move me to another seat so I could continue watching the movies.
  • One of the best features is they supply a USB port where you can plug your USB cable to charge your smartphone or other USB-compatible devices.
  • The best thing is the staff at Sri Lankan Airlines respects quiet sleeping. Until it’s time for another meal, they won’t disturb you.
  • On flights operated by Sri Lankan Airlines, meals were provided and served. Staff members gave us wet wipes to clean our hands before each meal and then gave us menu options. Although perhaps too spicy for my tastes, the food was delicious.
  • One of the most amazing things that made me want to fly with Sri Lankan Airlines again was how well they treated me. They serve you amiably and calmly throughout the flight while always smiling and speaking several languages.

Following are some incidents that made me feel more positive about Sri Lankan Airlines. Even though these are the thing that I heard from my friend, they were impressive.


  • a passenger’s leg was struck by a kettle that fell during severe turbulence. The staff repeatedly apologized, brought some ice to ease the pain, and even massaged the passenger’s knee with cream. The staff asked the passenger how she felt for the remainder of the journey, and they ended up chatting and making light of the situation.
  • a passenger passed out during the flight, and the flight crew’s quick and effective action in locating a doctor on board helped the passenger recover without complications.
  • a passenger on the flight was reported feeling extremely ill, and the plane made an emergency landing in Kuwait to transport the person to the closest hospital.

Final thoughts

It took around 3 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Colombo to Kuala Lampur. The journey was excellent. And I suggest you travel with Sri Lankan airlines to make your journey more comfortable.