Yala national park is one of the most famous wildlife parks. This is a prominent place for leopards. As Sri Lanka is famous for wildlife, many tourists visit here to see the unique behavior patterns of wild animals. This special Yala National Park is situated in the southeast corner of Sri Lanka. This park has five blocks that stretch to jungles, inland, and even beaches. But only Block 01 and Block 05 are open for locals and foreign tourists. This step has been taken to preserve the natural habitat for animals.

You may see monkeys, buffaloes, birds, and many more animals from the entrance. But seeing herds of the elephant may be a rare factor if you are a day traveler. There are more than 20 national parks in Sri Lanka, but Yala National Park, in specific, draws a lot of tourists because of the wide variety of animals. Sri Lanka has very diverse wildlife. You will see a lot of wildlife if you take a jeep safari through the plains and along the lagoons.

As I said earlier, the spotted creature called the leopard is more prominent in this area. Instead of beer, if you can carry a camera, it will make you more memories with Leopards. According to the records, there are about 60 – 65 leopards in this area. This does not, however, guarantee that you will see leopards. They are shy, to start. After accounting for the park’s size, you have a 50/50 chance of seeing a leopard.

How to get there

The only entrance to the wildlife park is in the city of Tissamaharama. Taking a bus or a car will get you to this city quickly. Typically, visitors spend the night in Tissamaharama or Yala to give themselves enough time to explore the park. It takes around 05 hours to come here from Colombo.

Two times per day, at 6 AM and 2 PM, Jeeps are allowed entry into Yala National Park. The rangers claim that there could be a better period to pick from. About 4 hours are spent on a Yala tour.

Although it is not necessary to have a park guide, most drivers need help speaking English. A guide can point out animals, suggest the best route, and explain how the park’s cycle of life operates. You can ask questions throughout the safari, which helps you better understand the behavior of the animals.

When to visit?

Yala is a must-see in Sri Lanka because of its diverse flora and fauna, offering a singular experience. All seasons of the year are worthwhile for visiting the park, but peak season (December to April) is advised.

You should know that seeing leopards is not guaranteed during peak leopard season (Feb and Mar) and that there will likely be other jeeps nearby. On the other hand, it is simple to spot large herds of baby elephants in the park.

The dry season, which lasts from February to June, is the ideal time to visit Yala National Park. The ponds’ lower water levels make it simpler to see animals emerging to drink. Leopards are most active in February and March.

Luckily, the park is open all year round, and rates are significantly lower. The park is closed for maintenance in September.

Why visit?

Not only flora and fauna, but there are also many more things to see in Yala. So let me tell you. I made a list. Just go through it before visiting Yala.


This is a magnificent Buddhist site from the tenth century. After a distracting ride to the parking lot, it takes 5 minutes to climb a marked path to the clearing in the trees where the Buddhas are.

Be aware of the signs warning against taking selfies with the Buddha.

The cliff face has been beautifully carved. Lovely; the setting has a magical quality. If you’re traveling to one of the safari locations, make a quick stop here. If you want to rehydrate, there is a lovely fresh fruit and juice shop nearby.

Okanda Dewalaya

There are numerous myths and legends associated with this temple. The Murugan (Kataragama God) is thought to have first visited this location to wed Valli. However, it is still thought that the fishermen are safe here. Additionally, a lot of couples without children come here to pray. We can thank God for the many successful returnees.

A small rock next to the temple is worth climbing so you can see a heavenly sea and untamed forest all at once.

Kebiliththa Dewalaya

This location is highly sacred and religious. Buddhists and Hindus regard Kebiliththa (Kabiliththa, Kebaliththa), also known as “Siyambalawa devalaya,” as a sacred location. God Katharagama devotees travel to this location to receive God’s blessings all year. With the development of technology, more people are now aware of this holy site, which draws tourists worldwide to Kebiliththa.

Yala Safari

The safari was outstanding. Our guide was friendly and very knowledgeable about the national park and every one of its residents. For the trip to the park, the group made breakfast. When we got there to see the sunrise, we encountered numerous animals. The tour was fantastic. After all, it did not resemble a commercial safari because it did not follow a line of trucks. Excellent experience; highly recommended.

So now you visit Yala like an expert. So even now, let your traveling journey begins now. Remember to Visit Sri Lanka.