Get isolated among the clouds and scenic mountains. Just abundant in the lofty hills in the Central highlands. There are no climatic barriers. Nuwara Eliya is situated 167.5 km away from Colombo. Its altitude is 1868 m. 

History of Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is the Oldest Established district in Sri Lanka. The founder was John Davy. This cute little city has had a proud history since 1819. It is said that a governor Sir Samuel Baker started cultivating English vegetables. Natives call them as “Udarata Elawalu

 As there are many English colonial Buildings, locals also introduce Nuwara Eliya as “Little England.” I think there is no offense to calling this city “Punchi Engalanthaya” (Sinhala term used to introduce Little England) due to its cool climate and brilliant landscaping even in the city limits. 

The luscious tea plantations remind the super taste of Ceylon tea. The carpeted hills and the serenity of tea plantations cover the atmosphere with fresh air. Perhaps these breathtaking mountains are the guard angles of this Little England.

Ways to come

It takes about many hours to come to Nuwara Eliya. You can come here by many modes of transport.

By train. 

The best and most beautiful way to come here is by train. If you need to come to Nuwaraeliya, you can take the train to Ohiya station. The station is also more iconic as it is the third-highest railway station in Sri Lanka. It is a long journey from Fort to Badulla on the main Railway line. And this takes about 09 hours.  

By bus

If you wish to travel by bus, first you can go to Kandy and then take a bus to Nuwaraeliya. Traveling by bus is difficult. This takes around 08 hours. Due to the transits, the journey is highly more challenging. 

Private ways

This is traveling here with your private or a hired vehicle. This way is more suitable as you can stop anywhere you need. 

We came here with a privately Hired vehicle. Our journey was through greenery hills and cascading waterfalls. It took around 06 hours for us to come here.

Places to stay 

Many tourists come, mainly due to the English blend here. So when it comes to a hotel to stay in, the English blend is more important. So the Hotels like The Grand Hotel, The Hill Club, and Heritance Tea factory are the best places that mix the English blend with Sri Lankan Nativeness. 

The cold and breezy climate and the cloudy sky make the scenery more beautiful. Also, the nights are extraordinary as this little England works as a sleepless city. 

Foods and Drinks

When it means the places to stay, the next thing that automatically comes to mind is Food and Drink. If you traveled to this Little England, there is no way to stay starving. There are many places to have a budget meal and lavish restaurants. 

A meal you must have been the traditional rice and curry. The mix of natural flavors along with native rice consoles the starve for a simple staple meal.

Not only Sri Lankan food, but you also can try Indian food and Thai food here.   

Places to visit

Lake Gregory 

One of the many historical sites in Nuwara Eliya is Lake Gregory, which the British governor Sir William Gregory built in the center of the town in 1873. This is like the heart of the town.

It took 3.5 miles to cross this lovely lake, which is confusing, but it’s still a pleasant walk. An enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Only a few food stands were located close to the beginning of the walking path (which runs counterclockwise). 

Most of the path is peaceful and natural after the first quarter or so, where there are lovely flowers and gardens along with numerous water-driven boatmen attempting to get you into their boats. But the ride in the swan boat was fantastic.

Victoria Park 

A well-known tourist destination and public park are called Victoria Park. In honor of Queen Victoria’s 60th Coronation, which took place in 1897, it was given her name. It is a beautiful location to revel in the breathtaking views of the nearby hills. 

But this draws fewer visitors than Gregory Lake, Victoria Park, etc., because it is a few miles from town. But it is a lovely park with mature trees, a lovely Japanese garden, and other landscaped gardens. Well worth the trip to take a stroll through these trees and breathe fresh air.

Describe the other park or lake briefly that Nuwara Eliya is fortunate to have. The entrance, where pony rides, roadside vendors, and a parking lot are all combined, is particularly crowded at Gregory Lake despite its beauty.

Hakgala Gardens 

The second-largest botanical gardens in Sri Lanka are those at Hakgala. It was initially a test area for tea cultivation before being changed into a garden that eventually became famous for its roses and various orchid species. 

This is located on the Nuwara Eliya – Badulla Road, 16 kilometers from Nuwara Eliya. Well-kept and has a lovely rose garden. No single-use plastic bottles are permitted inside. For the elderly, some pathways may be challenging because they are steep. There may be electric golf carts (4–7 passengers) with drivers and guides available for hire. Parking only along the main thoroughfare, with two separate entrances and exits.

Hakgala Gardens

Piduruthalagala Mountain 

The highest mountain in Sri Lanka is Piduruthalagala, also known as Mount Pedro or Straw Plateau Rock (height: 8281 ft/2524 m). Overwhelmed by this unique opportunity because the area is an “ultra-high security zone” run by the Sri Lankan Army and requires a valid access permit.

Thus, if you’re privileged enough to visit, follow their rules and avoid posting photos on social media. Your actions might help make this open to the general public in the future.

Up to the top, a four-wheeler can travel, and the area is completely covered in dense forest.Therefore, be careful to stay in the vehicle in the middle of your trip. A Sri Lankan leopard sighting might add excitement to your journey. It’s one of the most uncommon sights, though. (We missed seeing)

Unfortunately, the weather was too cloudy for a clear view from the top. However, I caught sight of Shanthi Pura, Mahaeliya Then, and Sanda Thenna (Moon plains) (the highest village in Sri Lanka). The army personnel claim that many mountains, including Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), are visible on clear days. A Sri Lankan leopard sighting might add excitement to your journey. It’s one of the most uncommon sights, though. Therefore, be careful to stay in the vehicle in the middle of your trip.

Piduruthalagala Mountain

Ambewela farm

This dairy farm offers a unique opportunity to observe cows feeding in the fields and learn how milk is produced for various flavored kinds of milk and cheese. It feels lovely to enter the lush pastures covered in a chilling mist.

It’s fascinating to learn about the technology used to milk cows. It was beautiful to see cows walking toward the milking area. The stud bulls surpassed expectations in terms of size. Two male goats were kept on either side of each cage, with two female goats in separate cages.

When I saw the size of the rabbit, I was shocked. I also had the chance to taste fresh cow and goat milk for the first time.

Horton plains and World End 

Get ready to walk 9.4 kilometers, then walk some more. On this hike, you will undoubtedly have a beautiful experience walking through sweat, clouds, mist, rain, and breeze. All of them are accessible during the entire hike. To consider those who prefer less walking and are not as adventurous. You might need clarification about the difficulty level of the plains. 

This park is rich in flora and fauna and has high biodiversity, and many indigenous species live here. Horton plains have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

Walking has three difficulty levels: easy, challenging, and more difficult! And based on how they are listed, they are unquestionably the same. When it rains, the rocks and the trail can become slippery, making the hike challenging. You won’t fully understand your journey until you arrive at Bakers Fall, but you will!! One should wear high-quality hiking boots with excellent grip because they will be helpful while awakening. Rain A few food items, a cap, and a coat are essential items to bring. Remember to bring them in a paper bag since there can be no plastic inside. They will also take off the water bottle’s plastic cap. 

To see a clear view near the end of the world, try to set out on your journey by 7:30 am. If not, the clouds will stay hidden from you and provide a different photographic experience.

You will enjoy the locations referred to as worlds end and mini worlds end. You can enjoy breathtaking views at these locations if there are no clouds. While taking photographs, exercise extreme caution due to the world’s end’s steep elevation. Depending on the pace and duration of the walk, this could take at least 3 to 4 hours. In addition, leaving your footprints behind and finally seeing the finish gate will give you a fantastic feeling.

Horton Plains


Watching the beauty of waterfalls is a must if you are traveling here. St. Clair’s Falls, Devon falls, Ramboda Falls, Baker’s Falls, Mohini Falls, Lover’s Leap Falls, Dunsinane Falls, Kolapathana Ella Waterfall, Bomburuella Waterfall, Laxapana Falls, and Bambarakanda Ella Falls are the waterfall you can see if you visit here. 

According to natives, the most sizzling Baker’s falls have been named tribute to the excellent services done by Sir Samuel baker. They say that Lover’s Leap is also for that name due to a legendary love affair between a prince and a girl. The girl suicide by jumping from the top of the waterfall. Also, remember to take some photographs as memories. 

Water Falls

So above are the most significant places that we visited during our tour. The best things take time, and I got plenty of time to share our experiences with you. So be sure to stay with us until the next time. Also, remember to Visit Sri Lanka!