Nuwara Eliya

07 best things about Nuwara Eliya

Get isolated among the clouds and scenic mountains. Just abundant in the lofty hills in the Central highlands. There are no climatic barriers. Nuwara Eliya is situated 167.5 km away from Colombo. Its altitude is 1868 m.  History of Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya is the Oldest Established district in Sri Lanka. The founder was John […]

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trincomalee hotels

05 Best trincomalee hotels

There are many good Trincomalee hotels . So we selected the Best 05 for you. Amaranthine Bay – trincomalee hotels As a sentinel of luxury in the beautiful scenery of soothing sunrises and surreal sunsets, “Amaranthe Bay” is perched at the edge of the slowly meandering Pillaikulam Aru. Breezes caress that sweep across the river’s […]

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08 best Trincomalee tourist places

Intro to trincomalee tourist places Trincomalee is on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. It is the ancient Gokarna town and port. Located on a peninsular in Trincomalee Bay and formerly known as Koddiyar Bay, which means “Fort by the River,” one of the best natural harbors in the entire world. The Japanese bombed Trincomalee […]

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Fascinating reasons to visit Jaffna in 2022

On Sri Lanka’s northernmost point, Jaffna is one of the country’s most stunning cities. Because of its predominance of Tamil people, Jaffna is considered the center of Tamil culture in Sri Lanka. Visitors to this area will be positively impressed by the locals’ hospitality. While not particularly remarkable, they are also amiable. Jaffna should be […]

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